About Melchior

This project aims to improve substantially a novel technology for fast detection of drugs, explosives, weapons and illicit goods concealed on individuals and in critical cavities of the human body based on infrasound mechanical impedance interrogation, optionally complemented with other harmless and non-contact technologies. Mechanical Impedance interrogation was validated in lab -TRL4- in the multiply awarded H2020 MESMERISE Project, detecting items concealed on trunk under clothes -including critical cases like warm molded materials that remain undetected to other technologies.

The present Project aims to develop up to TRL7-8 blast-proof prototypes with detection capability extended to limbs and body cavities and improved sensitivity. Infrasound computer aided modelling, improved Artificial Intelligence, altogether with improved new infrasound generators and sensors will enable an improvement in reliability and sensitivity. Combination with other non-contact technologies like low-cost mm waves and THz point echo sensors with no image formation will be explored.

Additionally, compatibility and complementary combination of specific bioaerosols and chemical vapour detection novel technologies will be explored in the prototypes as well. Slight variations of the prototypes will be demonstrated in operational environments (TRL7) of customs and border authorities in EU external air, land and sea borders crossing points in Spain, Greece, Romania and Finland.

Demonstrations in other operational environments like an arena or prisons will increase and broaden the impact on security of society. Additionally CE mark according to EU safety directives will be applied. Safety of the border staff will be drastically increased -not needing to touch inspected individuals-, so simultaneously, travelers’ experience is totally improved.


Protection of public spaces
Search and detection
Drugs trafficking
Border and coastguards
Customs authorities